Is it stressful at work? No time to do something fun together? 

The most important resource of a company is its employees. 

Corporate wellness is pure profit for everyone. As a business owner, you get healthier employees who work harder and perform better. For your employees, the satisfaction of doing a good job increases. In addition, they are healthier.

Do like many other companies:

Try something new, run a race together! 

Run the Jönköping Marathon or Half Marathon. 

Mix and match and have fun together!

It is very easy to register larger groups/companies for the Jönköping Marathon & Half Marathon. 

1. You fill in an excel document that you will find when you click on the company/group notification. 

2. Attach the file to the website.

3. Fill in the number of runners and possibly. (product, if you register less than 15 people). 

4. Enter invoice address

Go to group registration


We will then contact you if you have any questions or concerns.

(If you want help with the registration, we will of course help you).


Does your company also want to be seen as a partner of the Jönköping Marathon & Half Marathon?

Email  who is the account manager at Jönköping Marathon Gruppen, and she will tell you more.