One of the country’s biggest children’s races, the MINI Jönköping Marathon is back!

Even the youngest ones can enjoy the festival and experience the true marathon atmosphere. We promise lots of laughter, fun and movement. Our partners for the children’s race – Husqvarna AB and Länsförsäkringar – will be there and together we will organise a day filled with fun activities for the whole family. All children who run will receive a nice medal and snacks after the race. Here are ALL the winners!!

Date: 30. august 2024
Start: 17:00
Bip distribution closes: 16:20
Warm-up: 16:40
Location: Kulturhuset Spira
Price: 120 SEK
Start groups: 1. Age 0 – 5 years, ca 400 m
2. Age 6 – 9 years, ca 800 m
3. Age 10 – 12 years, ca 1200 m
Hashtag: #minijönköpingmarathon


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MINI Jönköping Marathon