Here is information for you as a participant in the race.

Start PM – Published 2 weeks before the race

Start time/place

Marathon & Half Marathon – 31. august 2024 10:00 – Munksjöbron
MINI Jönköping Marathon (children’s race) – 30. august 2024 17:00 – Spira
How to get here

Changing room & Shower

Saturday 31. august 2024, Fitness24Seven Östra Storgatan 7-9, open 8:30 – 16:00

Warm up

Fitness24Seven provides the warm-up in the starting area approx. 20 minutes before the start. Cl. 09:40.


Registration for the race is online via the website:
Registration Jönköping Marathon & Half Marathon
Registration MINI Marathon

List of participants

Here you will find the start list


Parking garage near the start & finish:
Sesam, Atollen, Smedjan, Bibliotek

(Please note that there is a charge for parking, including Saturdays)

Bag storage

Your bag can be left in the start/finish area on Saturday morning at. 07.30-09.20. The bags will be collected at the same place after the finish and the last time for collection of bags is at. 16.30.


The rules of the Swedish Athletics Federation apply. All participation is at your own risk.

Running track

You can find more info on the page Map Half Marathon resp. Map Marathon

Drinks and energy

All the hydration stations along the track serve Enervit Isotonic sports drink and water, some also serve pickles and bananas.


The top 3 in each class receive prizes from partners. All runners receive a medal, t-shirt and a well-filled finisher bag with a lot of goodies.

Maximum time

Marathon: 6 hours, Half Marathon: 3 hours

Bib distribution

Takes place at Marathon-EXPO (start/finish area, at Kulturhuset Spira).

30. august 2024 14:00 - 19:30
31. august 2024 7:00 - 9:00

Bibs will not be sent (we care about the environment). You pick them up in Marathon-EXPO. You will see your race number in the start list about 2 weeks before the race. Bring your ID. If you wish to collect someone else’s starter’s certificate, please bring a picture of their ID and your own. Please check the start list for the start number and let us know when you pick up your bib to shorten the waiting time.


The medical team consists of doctors, nurses and first aiders from the Red Cross. They will be available for your runners at the start and finish and will be posted at all hydration stations around the course. In the finish area there will be a medical tent with beds/stretchers and defibrillators. All paramedics wear ORANGE vests.


Our cruise control systems help you keep time and speed for your goal. Each pacemaker will have a flag that you can easily follow around the race. The flag is marked with an end time. Marking 4:00 means that the pacer will complete the marathon in 4 hours. This year we will also have pace setters for the half marathon.

Here you can find out who our speed cameras are.

Pacer maraton
flag with final time 3:00 = pace about 4.15 (min per km)
flag with finish time 3:15 = pace approx 4.37 (min per km)
flag with finish time 3:30 = pace approx 4.58 (min per km)
flag with finish time 3:45 = pace approx. 5.20 (min per km)
flag with finish time 4:00 = pace approx 5.41 (min per km)
flag with finish time 4:15 = pace approx 6.02 (min per km)
flag with finish time 4:30 = pace approx 6.24 (min per km)
flag with finish time 4:45 = pace approx. 6.45 (min per km)
flag with finish time 5:00 = pace approx 7.07 (min per km)

Cruise control half marathon
flag with final time 1:30 = pace about 4.15 (min per km)
flag with final time 1:45 = pace about 4.58 (min per km)
flag with finish time 2:00 = pace approx. 5.41 (min per km)