Start: 31. august 2024 10:00 on the Munksjöbron

Good places for the audience: Knektaparken (both distances pass this area), around Munksjön, Haga, Gräshagen, Vätterstranden, close to Shell Huskvarna and above all meet the runners and cheer them on to the finish on the bridge.

As the start is on the bridge (no audience is allowed at the bridge by start, only after the start), you can see the start from Slottsbron, and all the way along Södra Strandgatan etc. The runners start in the direction towards the courthouse (west direction)

Check our maps to find the right place to cheer. Click on the kilometer markers on the map to see the times the runners pass – Map Jönköping Marathon, Map Jönköping Half Marathon

At Qsys Powerzone at the southern Munksjön lake, Qsys offers the audience sausages and bread.

Powerzones: there are built-up zones with music and extra pep along the course including STC Powerzone in Liljeholmsparken, Qsys powerzone at Vätterstranden and at km 39 on the marathon course.

Finish: In the middle of the Munksjö bridge.

Prize ceremony: 30 minutes after the 3rd place finisher in each distance.


Near the start/finish:
Sesame, Atollen, Smedjan, Kulturhuset spira, Biblioteket

A bit away:
by restraurant Hasse på sjökanten, Erik dahlbergsgymnasiet

Traffic restrictions

For a few hours on Saturday, August 31, some roads in Jönköping will be closed during the Jönköping Marathon.

Thank you for your understanding!

Click here to see the map and read about the traffic diversions.

Follow the runners

Let family and friends follow and support you during your Jönköping Marathon, Half Marathon and Fun Run 5km. This year, everyone has the option to use RaceONE, the app that gives you LIVE tracking, LIVE video and official results throughout your race. With the help of the GPS in your mobile phone, family and friends can follow you throughout the race. Even if you don’t bring your phone, your loved ones can still follow you via RaceONE but only via the official split times, which means no LIVE tracking. Audience and officials, please help to enhance the experience of the race by LIVE filming the runners. You can easily do this directly in the RaceONE app!

Here’s what you do:

  1. Download – RaceONE is available for Iphone and Android. Read more at
  2. Sign up – Launch the app, go to the right race and sign up
  3. Share – Tell family and friends about RaceONE so they can follow
  4. Start – Activate the race in RaceONE before the start. Take your mobile phone with you when you run, the start is automatic when you cross the start line

This year you can follow the participants LIVE (Jönköping Marathon, Half Marathon and Fun Run 5km) and get all the official results with the RaceONE app. Download the app, go to the right race and find the participants you want to follow! If the participant does not have a LIVE symbol next to their name, it means that you will only get their split times and no LIVE tracking!

Also help enhance the race experience by LIVE filming the runners. You can easily do this directly in RaceONE!


We need lots of volunteers Being an official is indeed an extraordinary experience. So we are looking for those who want to help make the Jönköping Marathon a great race. We need volunteers to stand for a few hours at a water station or giving direction and cheering during the race.

Sign up here