Sign up with two friends as a team and get a 10% discount on the registration fee and the chance to win great prizes. You don’t have to run the same distance and you don’t have to finish all in the same time.

It’s not the fastest team that wins!

Here’s how you register for the team competition

Register 3 runners for the Jönköping Marathon or Half Marathon. Here you will find the registration form for the team competition. In the registration form, choose TEAM REGISTRATION and enter your team name. You also provide estimated finishing times for each team member. The team that finishes closest to its estimated finishing times wins.

Register your team

How the winning team is selected

For every minute the runner’s finishing time differs from his/her estimated finishing time, the team receives two penalty points (if the runner is running a half marathon) or one penalty point (if the runner is running a marathon). The team with the lowest number of points wins. If several teams score the same number of points, the faster team goes first. It is not allowed to stop before the finish line and wait for your estimated time.


  • 1st prize: 3x POLAR running watch + 3x starting place for Jönköping Marathon & Half Marathon 2024 + 3x starting place for Jönköping 10K/5K 2023
  • 2nd prize: 3x massage gun OPTIMAL RECOVERY + 3x starting place to Jönköping 10K/5K 2023
  • 3rd prize: 3x day spa at HOOKS HERRGÅRD + 3x starting place for Jönköping 10K/5K 2023


If you have not won any of the prizes above, you will be entered into a draw for other great prizes from our sponsors and partners. The prize-giving and draw will take place after all teams have finished, at the latest 6 hours after the start time.

Already registered?

If you have already registered, we will help you put together a team afterwards. Please contact us at and give us your team name, team members and your estimated times. Only new registrations receive a 10% discount on the registration fee.

Gear up for the race at Hooks Herrgård.

The first 20 registered teams will be entered into a draw for a day spa for all team members at Hooks Herrgård. Charge before the race or relax afterwards at one of Sweden’s best spas.

Hooks Herrgård

Team competition

1. prize

First prize running watch from POLAR for all team members

2. prize

Second prize massage gun from Optimal Recovery to everyone in the team

3. prize

Third Prize Hooks Herrgård Day Spa