Elite qualification requirements for elite A and B runners

Runners who meet the following qualification standards are eligible to apply for elite registration at Jönköping Marathon & Half Marathon or Jönköping 10K/5K. The elite field is divided into an international/national A field and a B field. If you qualify, you get a 100% reduction on the entry fee or a heavy subsidy.

Elite A

Elite A has in previous races consisted of runners with half marathon times faster than 65 minutes for men and 78 minutes for women.

Elite B

Runners who meet the time requirements below have the opportunity to be placed in Elite Field B for Jönköping Marathon & Half Marathon or Jönköping 10K/5K:

HM: 69 minutes: 00 seconds
10K: 31 minutes: 50 seconds
5K: 16 minutes: 30 seconds

HM: 81 minutes: 00 seconds
10K: 35 minutes: 40 seconds
5K: 17 minutes: 30 seconds

The qualifying times must have been achieved between 1/1-2023 and 8/8-2024 at an official competition certified by a national athletics federation and/or AIMS.

Furthermore, the track must be correctly measured and approved by the national athletics federation and/or AIMS. Documentation for qualification times will be required.

If the race is sold out, we cannot guarantee a place in the elite field.

Please fill in the application form below. We will reply to your application within two weeks. Good luck with your training.

Elite entry application


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