Fun Run

Distance: 5 km
Date: 25. august 2023
Time: 18:30
Location: Kulturhuset Spira
Price: 300 SEK
Age 0 – 99 years
Track flat track, asphalt
Hashtag #funrunjönköping
Jönköping Marathon Fun Run 5 km

A race for everyone!

Don’t miss this year’s Fun Run – the 19th of August 2022 is the start of our lovely and very popular race. The race where having fun is more important than focusing on personal bests.

Either you run in costume or not, either way with a smile from start to finish. Everyone can participate. Also those of you who run the full/half marathon and want to get a great feeling the day before. Of course, you don’t have to dress up if you don’t want to. However, having fun is a must :).

Everyone gets a medal

In the Fun Run you don’t have to run the fastest to feel like a winner, the most important thing is that you have fun. Everyone who finishes receives a nice medal, sports drink and light refreshments.


  • Timing – via the RaceONE app, where others can follow you – more info at the bottom
  • Number tag – collected at the start by 17:50
  • Photos – all dressed up runners are photographed before the start of the race
  • The course – is flat and goes around lovely places in Jönköping and parts of Rocksjön
  • Prizes – we have prizes for the best dressed runner and the three fastest in each gender
  • Photos – here you can see photos from the 2018-2021 success race


Do you have to be dressed up?
– No, but it’s more fun then 🙂
Can you run both the 5km and the marathon/half marathon the day after?
– Absolutely! But don’t drive too hard. Have fun and soak up the joy
Who can join?
– Anyone who likes to run and have fun with others.

Follow a runner

Race One Fun Run

Let family and friends follow and support you during your Fun Run. This year, everyone has the option to use RaceONE, the app that gives you GPS tracking, LIVE video and official results throughout your race. With the help of the GPS in your mobile phone, family and friends can follow you throughout the race. Even if you don’t bring your phone, your loved ones can still follow you via RaceONE but only via the official split times, which means no GPS LIVE tracking.

How to do it

  1. Download – RaceONE is available for Iphone and Android. Read more at
  2. Sign up – Launch the app, go to the right race and sign up
  3. Share – Tell family and friends about RaceONE so they can follow you live
  4. Start – Activate the race in RaceONE before the start. Take your mobile phone with you when you run, the start is automatic when you cross the start line


You can register up to 5 runners at the same time.
To register more than 5 runners use the company registration form

Please read the registration conditions before registering.